Improve the acoustics of your room and hear better 

Acoustics is an important element of any home theater or recording studio design. A room can exhibit a number of acoustic issues, including delays, slap echos, boomy bass and many others. Acoustic treatments can be used to improve a room’s acoustic performance. It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on equipment, speakers and cabling, without good room acoustics and design, your sound system will not perform at its best. 

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panele akustyczne wavefuser na ścianę

Custom design

Want to buy a panel but need a different size, color or type? No problem, we’ll make it for you. At your request, we can change the fabric, make the panel bigger or smaller, use other colors etc… The possibilities of your own creation are almost endless. Give us the dimensions and the rest of the specifications and we will make a panel according to your requirements.

Online Support

Not sure what product would be best? Not sure of the set up of the product within your room? Don’t worry, We’re here to guide you through it. Fill out a short form and get free advice.

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