Create and order your custom-made panels

You do not find the panel you need at the store ? Then, create it ! Sometimes a stock size acoustic panel just won’t fit your room design. In order to meet the expectations of our clients, we can manufacture acoustic panels and diffusers per clients’ specifications. We offer custom size acoustic panels and diffusion products in our 23 standard fabrics. They can be made taking into account any limitations and individual preferences regarding color or finish and adapted to the specific needs of a given listening room.


Want to treat your room acoustically, but the stock panels don’t fit your room design ? No worry, If you can’t find the right size or color for your acoustic panel, we can have it customized for you. Based on the delivered specification we can manufacture almost any panel for you. Your imagination is the only limit !


Bluetone diffusers and acoustic panels are made using high quality natural wood which is cut using advanced CNC machines allowing for extremely tight and repeatable tolerances for an excellent fit and finish. We have a modern machine park, which includes milling centres, numerically controlled machines, panel saws, paint booth and few more, guaranteeing the highest quality of the products.


The manual work of experienced carpentry masters is of key importance to us. Our team of talented designers and woodworkers are well-trained and certified to do the job for you with professional expertise. They are fully engaged in the process from raw material to finished piece, ensuring the highest level of quality.