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binary acoustic panels in a studio

Sound absorbing panels

Acoustic absorbers are sound absorbing products that are designed to eliminate sound reflections in a room. They are effective at reducing noise, controlling flutter echo and decreasing reverberation within a room. The application of sound absorbing panels can significantly improve the overall sound quality in a room. Bluetone acoustic panels are suitable for either wall or ceiling applications. They come in a large variety of sizes, types, and colors to meet your design and budgetary. Sound absorbing panels are commonly used to treat recording studios, home theaters, offices and listening rooms. In our production process we only use materials that are safe for health and environmentally friendly.

How do sound absorbing panels work ?

Acoustic absorbers are made of porous fiber or foam based materials that prevent sound from reflecting off the walls or other hard surfaces. Unlike acoustic diffusers, they convert energy of sound into a small amount of heat instead of spreading it throughout a space. The best sound-absorbing material is rock wool. It provides full band sound absorption which means that it treats all the frequencies with equal respect.

How many sound absorbers do I need in my room ?

There is no simple answer to this question. Theoretically, this should be about 20% of the total area of all walls, but this is only theory and applies only to professional applications. In fact, if there are furniture and other objects in the room, fewer absorbers are needed. In a typical living room of around 20 square meters, you can get good results with just a few panels.

Sound absorbing panels on the wall