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Professional acoustic wall and ceiling panels are divided into two groups - broadband absorbers and hybrid acoustic panels. Sound absorbing panels are designed to eliminate echo and excessive reverb within the room. The damping material behind the fabric provides excellent sound absorption properties in the entire frequency range. These acoustic panels are commonly used to treat recording studios, listening rooms and offices, but can be used in any space to eliminate sound reflections and provide acoustic comfort. However, such panels must be used with caution, because too many of them can result in a room being overdamped. Hybrid acoustic panels are used to treat unwanted sound reflections by using a combination of absorption and diffusion. Thanks to their unique design the hybrid acoustic panels provide effective low frequency absorption and additional scattering/diffusion of mid and high frequencies. This hybrid design gives well balanced sound and protects the room from overdamping.

We attach a mounting kit to each panel. All you need to mount the panels is drill two holes in the wall and insert the mounting pins into them. Our panels are equipped with sawtooth hangers that allow you to hang them on the wall easily and quickly. On special request, we also provide a ceiling mounting kit. To hang the foam panels, simply use glue or double-sided adhesive tape.

All acoustic panels in our offer are made using high quality materials that ensure high efficiency and are safe for health and environmentally friendly. In broadband absorbers we use high density acoustic wool, which provides Class A sound absorption. The Panel frames are made of quasi wooden board that meets the fire resistance requirements. The front plates of hybrid panels are made of birch plywood, which is double stained and coated.

Sometimes a stock size acoustic panel just won't fit the room. Don't worry, we are not limited to standard sizes, and we can make custom orders quickly. Our skilled woodworking team will make them just for you. In addition to custom dimensions, we can also make panels in a different color or using other materials. In fact, your imagination is the only limit.

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