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Acoustic Diffusers

Acoustic diffusers are advanced acoustic treatment products for controlling direct sound reflections. They are are designed to scatter or disperse sound waves instead of absorbing them. Acoustic sound diffusion can make a small space seem large and add more aural “openness” to the space.

All Bluetone acoustic diffusers are made of natural wood, thanks to which they sound better than similar products made of synthetic materials. Modern CNC machines, which are used for their production, ensure repeatability and precise fitting of elements with an accuracy of 0.05 mm. Our offer includes both classic Schroeder diffusers (QRD) as well as PRD and Skyline diffusers. We also carry out individual orders. We can manufacture any custom design required with the specified dimensions and color.

What's the purpose of acoustic diffusers ?

Acoustic diffusers are commonly used to treat acoustical issues like Slap echo or comb filtering. Unlike acoustic absorbers, they do not absorb sound energy, but disperse it into smaller portions which are reflected in all directions. They can effectively reduce echoes while still leaving a natural sounding space and preserving its natural ambience.

Why sound diffusion is so important ?

Proper dispersion of sound is crucial from the point of view of the physiology of hearing. Acoustic diffusers scatter the sound waves reaching their surface instead of absorbing them. They can significantly increase the sense of spaciousness if they're applied in proper places in the room.  Acoustic diffusers and absorbers impact sound differently, but they need to work together to provide the best results. 

acoustic diffusers in rehearsal room